Double your swimming season!

Solar pool heating installations have seen steady growth over the past 20 years. With installations typically finished in one day, it is a great product to add to your portfolio. Solar heating is the most cost-effective way to heat the water in your pool to a comfortable temperature spring, summer and fall. It harnesses the sun’s energy to extend your swimming season and costs nothing to operate. Pool heating is the largest use of solar energy in the world… no surprise, since it’s more economical than a pool heater that uses electricity or gas. What’s more, solar heating for your pool is an affordable, one-time investment that pays for itself in 2-4 years.

On days when you can relax comfortably in a bathing suit at poolside, but the water is too cold for swimming, solar energy can heat your pool to a comfortable temperature. More swimming, sunning and splashing means you’ll realize the full benefit of the investment you made in your pool.

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