Solar Water Heating

Solar water heating technology has been around for over a century.

Solar water heating technology has been around for over a century. It’s interest in heating hot water for homes and businesses have increased exponentially in the past 30 years. AB 1470 was passed in 2007 and a State Utility Rebate was formed in 2010. Along with Federal incentives, the customer can save up to 45% of the cost of the installation.

A solar water heating system is designed to pre-heat an existing water heater or boiler. Up to 80% of your hot water usage can be saved by using hot water from the sun. A closed loop system utilizes a propylene glycol liquid to protect against freezing and hard water. The sun warms the liquid in the solar collector on the roof. The liquid is pumped down to the solar tank where the heat exchange transfers the heat to the domestic water. As you use hot water in your home, the hot water in the solar tank flows into your existing water heater. Because the water is already hot, your water heater doesn’t have to work as hard. This saves on energy costs and prolongs the life of the water heater. The solar station monitors the temperature of the liquid in the collectors on the roof compared to the water temperature in the solar tank and continues the transfer process until the desired temperature is reached.

Elm Distribution offers complete solar water heating packages for all situations you would encounter in home situations. We also provide assistance in commercial applications.

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